Pregnant Debina Banerjee reminds Anushka Sharma by headstand, fans worried


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Debina Banerjee Image: Debina Banerjee and Gurmeet Choudhary are set to become parents. Debina has the third trimester and she was seen dancing in her lap in the past. Now he has shocked everyone by doing the headstand. Fans are praising Debina. Her husband Gurmeet Chaudhary is standing nearby. Debina has written a long message by posting a picture on Instagram. He said he has been practicing it for a long time. At the same time, he has praised Gurmeet and told that Gurmeet’s eyes were fixed on him. Let us know that Anushka Sharma also made a headstand during pregnancy and her pictures were viral.

Debina and Gurmeet had given the good news to the fans in the past that they are going to become parents. Since then, many pictures of Debina in her baby bump have been coming out. In the past, photos of his baby showering went viral. She was also seen dancing in a video. Debina has written, “When life confuses you, just adjust your view. At the same time, it should be kept in mind that even before the pregnancy, I have a strong practice of vomiting. I didn’t think all of a sudden that let’s be turned upside down, a great photo will come. A mother’s inner voice is always right. If you feel that it is not right to do so, don’t do it at all.

Debina has also written that during pregnancy, the Center of Gravity shifts so much that it is difficult to balance. At the same time, it was written that he also had a strong partnership with him, whose eyes were fixed on him. People are getting a lot of comments on Debina’s picture. Some people have described this pose as dangerous. At the same time, a follower has written, I don’t know why this pose has to be done in pregnancy.

During the pregnancy, Anushka Sharma also shared a picture of Upasana. She had said that it was very difficult, although she has been doing it before pregnancy, so the doctors had said that she can continue all the yoga.

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