Rashmi Rocket Review: Taapsee Pannu looks to be fighting against inequality in Rashmi Rocket


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Rashmi Rocket Review: Taapsee Pannu film Rashmi Rocket, which is releasing on Dussehra on OTT platform ZEE5, is the story of a flamboyant runner who fights her own people. Taapsee Pannu’s Rashmi rocket is doing the job of exposing the same ‘generosity’ of society towards women. Let’s know how the story of this film is and why you must watch it.

Defeat-win is the result, try is our job. With this intention, Rashmi Rocket brings to us the story inspired by the true events that have taken place in the world of track and field athletics players. The film says that if injustice is being done to women athletes in the world, is it right to close your eyes? Gender tests in the case of women are definitely under debate. The male hormone testosterone is sometimes found in higher than average in female athletes and this is what makes Rashmi rocket the issue.

The film, which is releasing on Dussehra on OTT platform ZEE5, is about Rashmi Veera (Taapsee Pannu), born and raised in Kutch, Gujarat. Since childhood, she has been fast in running and does not lag in beating boys. The father calls him ‘rocket’. Army Captain Gagan Thakur calls him part lane in athletics competitions. Gagan trains her and Rashmi wins one state-level competition after another, making her visible to the selectors of the Athletics Association.

Rashmi overtakes Niharika in the race for medals and fame at the Asia Games. Rashmi’s talent becomes a problem for her and is called for gender testing. Investigations show that the amount of testosterone hormone in Rashmi’s blood is even higher than that of male athletes. Without this, the Athletes Association bans her and how she wins this battle is the story.

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