Sapna Choudhary New Song: Sapna Choudhary and Ruchika Jangaid ready to bring ‘India Gate’ from Delhi


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Sapna Choudhary New Song: Sapna Chaudhary makes headlines for her desi style and thumkas. Active Sapna Choudhary’s many old songs, as well as new songs, have been making headlines on social media (Social Media). One by one, the dream is stealing people’s days from their hanging jerks in new Haryanvi songs. Sapna, who has made many songs of Ruchika Jangid, was once again seen in Ruchika’s new song, in which her thumkas are hurting people again. Haryanavi Queen’s new song ‘India Gate’ has been released (New Haryanvi Song India Gate) after Sapna’s Haryanvi song ‘Alt-Palt which was released recently.

India Gate Trending on Youtube

Sapna Chaudhary’s new song ‘India Gate’ (New Haryanvi Song India Gate) has been released. The song is making a splash on YouTube as soon as it releases. In this song, Sapna is requesting her husband to put India from Delhi to The Village of Uproot so that he is not caught in a jam in Delhi and can see Delhi by staying in the village.

Ruchika Jangid New Song India Gate

The song has been released on a YouTube channel called GSC MUSIC, which has been watched by nearly 1 million people so far. The song has been given its voice by Ruchika Jangid. The lyrics of the song are written by the angel.

India Gate Sapna Choudhary and Ruchika Jangaid New Haryanvi Songs Haryanvi 2021

Speaking of this song, Sapna Chaudhary is seen sitting among the women of the village at the beginning of the song praising her husband, after which all the women say that if your husband walks that much, why don’t you call Delhi to the village. On this Sapna reaches out to her husband and asks him to uproot India Gate and install it in the village. He also asks them to bring many things, including Sadar Bazar, to the village so that they are not caught in jams and can enjoy everything. But at the end of this song, it turns out that all these things are mentioned in a dream. Listen to this new song here

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