Shamita Shetty kissed Pratik Sehajpal during task after massive fight with Raqesh Bapat in Live Bigg Boss OTT


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Bigg Boss OTT: The distance between Shamita Shetty and Rakesh Bapat is increasing every day on the reality show Bigg Boss OTT. Amidst all this, Shamita Shetty has kissed Pratik Sahajpal after her bond weakened from Rakesh Bapat, which is much talked about. Bigg Boss OTT has seen several fights between Pratik Sahajpal and Shamita Shetty.

Not only that, but Rakesh Bapat himself has also fought Prateek while supporting Shamita Shetty. Kissing Shamita’s symbol has been much talked about. Now Bigg Boss has released a video promo associated with OTT. Shamita Shetty was seen kissing Pratik Sahajpal during a task in this video promo.

A bone was to be picked up in this task. Shamita Shetty kisses Pratik Sahajpal on the cheek while doing this task. Neha Bhasin is also surprised to see what she has. The video promo related to Bigg Boss OTT is fast going viral on social media. The audience of the show is loving the video. At the same time, they are commenting and reacting.

In the last episode, Rakesh asked Neha Bhasin to send her message to Shamita that he was not talking to Shamita because he did not want to raise her anxiety level. Neha goes and gives Rakesh’s message to Shamita. Bigg Boss then gives tasks to all the housemates except Divya. In this task, Shamita and Pratik get pushed and Shamita falls.

He then explains to Rakesh, Shamita, and Neha in the bathroom area that they were talking about the same strength yesterday so they nominated Pratik. Hearing this, Shamita is badly shattered and starts shouting at Rakesh. Shamita tells Rakesh that instead of knowing that he has no injuries, he is trying to prove his point for the opposite symbol.

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