Shivangi Joshi showers love on Kaveri Priyam on her birthday, Shivangi Joshi super cute dance in public


[Lots Of Love] Shivangi Joshi ने Kaveri Priyam के जन्मदिन पर उनपर बरसाया प्यार, पब्लिक में सुपर क्यूट डांस के साथ मनाया

Shivangi Joshi and Kaveri Priyam were recently spotted doing all crazy and wild dances together as the two were all set to celebrate Priyam’s birthday.

In the video, we can see girls dancing with their heads raised, all going crazy with the party song playing in the background.

While Shivangi Joshi was seen in a red sleep shirt with a dalmatian dog printed on it, Kaveri Priyam was seen in a white crop tee with blue denim jeans.

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