Sooryavanshi 10th Day Box Office Collection: will the film be able to cross the 200 crore mark?


Sooryavanshi 10th Day Box Office Collection

Sooryavanshi 10th Day Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif of the film Sooryavanshi releases today 11 days have been completed and the movie 10th-day box office collection even Front has come, who seeing it looks like that this film earnings in the case of the 200 million figure are also touching the same will. The coronavirus because from across the country closed set of theatres opening when the news came, there was so many believe it was just that theater back on track to return in time to take, but ‘the sun’ has proved wrong.

Yes, the box office figures so that’s the tell that you are movies, lover, to the audience just the same thing wait that was when the theater open and good-good movies to the big screen appeared on the visit. At the box office Rohit Shetty (Rohit Shetty) of the film ‘Sooryavanshi’ consistently good performance, the homemade eye is coming. Corona due to last quite a long time from this the movie release was caned, and eventually the film on November 5 released in theaters was. The first day of release from the Sooryavanshi Box Office collection on Hungama stir up and started looking at the film’s earnings in the case of 150 million, a figure of the cross to the success achieved.

The film had its release on the 10th day of banknotes rain in Boston. Film critic swimming model by a tweet while the film’s box office collection of information is given. Swimming is the ideal according to Sooryavanshi by the 10th day total of 13.39 crore has been earned and at the same time of the movie total box office collection of 151.23 million is to be repaid. Earnings in the case of this film, Rohit Shetty’s expectations have stood.

Please tell, Sooryavanshi Akshay Kumar’s career-it is the 15th such film is, which has Rs 100 crore more earnings. Renewable of this achievement on cognitive Renewable from the heart to the greetings are giving. Of renewable actors also on this post congratulating them fiercely comment is. Film City by swimming the ideal (Taran Adarsh) has your social media handles on Akshay Kumar a picture of the stock is. Photo renewable Frank smiling eyes are coming.

Film City said in the caption is written, ‘Akshay Kumar: it is the success of the smile is…Sooryavanshi of the major success to their happiness take are encountered. These Akshay Kumar to superstardom proves. Sooryavanshi their Career 15th is such a movie, which is 100 million across the world. It is a big success is.’

Media reports say the makers of the film the attitude of the OTT side of the mind is made up. The news is that the makers said the film OTT release for Netflix with hand got taken. Sooryavanshi’ of OTT to the release, the makers said Netflix with a great deal of time. Rohit Shetty’s film ‘Sooryavanshi’ is Netflix’s Rs 100 crore in bought. The news that Akshay Kumar and Katrina Kaif of the film ‘Suryavanshi’ is upcoming December 4, Netflix aired on the will. Soon the maker’s OTT release of the Modi government can too.

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