Sugandha Mishra became the new bride, a special ‘dish’ for her in-laws, showing Maharashtrian avatar


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Sugandha Mishra: Comedians Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosale tied the knot on April 26. The actress has shared many great photos of her wedding with her fans on social media (Instagram). At this time, this couple is busy with post-wedding rituals. Recently, Satyanarayana was worshiped at his home. After which Sugandha Mishra made sweets for the Bhosle family.

Let it be known that part of the ritual is that the new bride has to cook something sweet for the groom and his family. Sugandha Mishra and Sanket Bhosle wore a traditional dress during the puja. Sugandha Mishra wore a nauvari sari and wore Nath and gajra together. At the same time, Sanket Bhosle was wearing a kurta and pajama. Talking about her new home and participating in the puja, Sugandha Mishra says, ‘I am understanding and developing traditional Maharashtrian methods. I am excited about becoming a Maharashtrian Baiko.

Talking to TIO, she said, ‘This is a traditional Punjabi dessert, which we make during the puja. It is served as Prasad. Finally, I also prepared a Maharashtrian dessert. There were both Punjabi and Maharashtrian dishes on the table. Sanket Bhosale said, ‘I am following the new role of being a cool and responsible husband. I have promised to do this to Sugandha Mishra. Sugandha Mishra made registries for her in-laws.

Talking about marriage, Sanket Bhosale had said, ‘Being married is a wonderful and beautiful feeling. The most special thing is that Sugandha Mishra is from my side. I suddenly feel very responsible. We are very happy. Sanket Bhosale further said, ‘It has been amazing and busy at the same time. We are busy with rituals at home since our arrival in Mumbai.

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