Sumona Chakravarti told her pain in front of everyone on social media, said- I have been battling this disease for 10 years


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Sumona Chakraborty, popularly known as ‘Bhuri’ in TV’s most popular show ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, rules the hearts of the fans. His pictures and videos are viral on social media. Meanwhile, now an emotional post by Sumona Chakraborty has appeared. Sumona has expressed her pain in this post. Sumona says that she does not have any work right now. She has not got any work since the Kapil Sharma show closed, due to which she is very upset. She has shared his heart with fans on social media.

Sumona Chakraborty shared a photo. With this photo she writes, ‘After a long time I have done a workout, I am unemployed, but I am still able to run my house. I sometimes feel guilty because of my own premenstrual syndrome. During this time I feel very upset, depressed, and emotional. ”Along with this, the actress told that she has been suffering from endometriosis disease since the year 2011.

Explain that the problem of not being able to conceive from this disease increases. They told that they are now in their fourth phase. The timing of the lockdown was particularly difficult for Sumona Chakraborty’s endometriosis. Sumona said in the post that she has a good diet, exercise, and a positive mind. So that his health is fine.

Sumona wrote, ‘While doing the workout, I thought why not share your mind with all of you. Not every flashing thing is gold. We are all struggling somewhere. Surrounded by grief and pain, stress, anxiety. Everyone needs love and sympathy. ‘Sumona further wrote,’ It is not so easy to share all this with you, but maybe this post will inspire someone or the other. Lots of love to all of you. ‘

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