Sunflower Web Series Review: Sunil Grover feeds ‘Sunflower’ read review to find out which guls


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Sunil Grover changed the gear of a career car with amazon prime video’s most popular and controversial web series ‘Tandava’, which had been stuck in images of Dr. Famous Gulati, Guthi, and Rinku Bhabhi for a long time and brought out a face that was completely different from his previous identities.

When the ‘Sunflower’ web series came to an end, there was hope that Sunil, who changed the gear of the career car in ‘Tandava’, would be feeding a new gul with ‘Sunflower’. This hope was also pinned because ‘Sunflower’ has been written by Vikas Bahl, who is known for films like ‘Queen’ and ‘Super 30’.

This is Vikas’s OTT debut but Sunil and Vikas’s duo could not make the color they expected. ‘Sunflower’ is a murder mystery whose speed has slowed down by its comedy. But the best actors have handled the dandadol series in many places, which makes the audience enjoy thrills and humor in installments.

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This is Vikas’s OTT debut but Sunil and Vikas’s duo could not make the color they expected. ‘Sunflower’ is a murder mystery whose speed has slowed down by its comedy. But the best artists have found in many places the legend of Danvadosanflower is a residential society in Mumbai called Sunflower. The story mainly runs on three tracks. The first track is the police investigation of a murder in the society within the ambit of some people living in the society.

The second track is based on a mutual tussle between society officials, highlighting the backward thinking, prejudices, and Hippocrates of the so-called civilized society. The third track is the life of loneliness between the house and office of Sonu Singh, the lead character of ‘Sunflower’, which is the biggest supplier of the humor side of the series. L hoti has handled the series, which makes the viewer enjoy thrill sand in installments.

Now, if these three tracks are included and told the story, it is as follows: Raj Kapoor (Ashwin Kaushal), who lives in a penthouse flat in the Sunflower Society, dies one morning. The police reach the spot. The investigation reveals that Raj Kapoor died due to a chemical being given and the case becomes a case of murder.

Inspector Digendra (Ranveer Shourie) along with his associate Inspector Tambe (Girish Kulkarni) and the entire team begins the investigation. All the prominent characters of the society are introduced to the audience during police interrogation. Investigations reveal that Raj Kapoor’s wife had left him. The character is played by Shonali Nagarani. The police interrogate everyone in the society, but given the circumstances and evidence, Dr. Ahuja, Sonu Singh, Raj Kapoor’s wife, and the building watchman are suspected.

As the story progresses, Raj Kapoor’s wife, who is leaving him and living with his brother, also comes under the purview of Shaq. All the suspects are questioned repeatedly. The police find some evidence that convinces them that Sonu Singh is the murderer and they start looking for him. Sonu gets entangled in some other developments. The police think he is a fugitive.

Sunflower artists have tried to handle weak writing in many places, but how long will acting support when the lines are Pillay. Sunil Grover’s character has been portrayed as a naïve but successful salesman. He is always smiling. He does not get angry, he does not get distracted. Whatever the situation. Sunil has played his character with all sincerity. Some of his words also create humor, but many scenes suggest that scenes have been coined to cash in on Sunil’s previous image.

Ashish plays student Dilip Iyer who wants to make this society ideal for Indian culture. It is another matter that Iyer’s idealism is to sort out divorced, transgender, Muslim, pan-businesses, bachelors, film or tv industry or those in a live-in relationship.

There is no place for all these people in the kind of society Iyer wants to build. Iyer is standing in the chairman’s election. His thinking has been shown through interviews with tenants who come to society from time to time to get flats and are rejected for the above reasons. However, Iyer’s daughter Paddy (Riya Nalwade) is the biggest critic of her thinking.

Ashish Vidyarthi has given a successful expression in the role of Iyer. Being a South Indian character, the regionalism in his pronunciation is an example of his excellent dialogue delivery. However, his character seems to be irritating in many places rather than humor.

The third lead character of the society is Dr. Ahuja. Ahuja lives in front of Raj Kapoor’s flat and doesn’t make it between the two at all. There was also a quarrel over parking. Dr. Ahuja is a teacher by profession who lives with their wife Mrs. Ahuja and her younger son.

Ahuja, who pretends to be idealistic outside the house, is a submissive inside the house, a conspirator, and a man full of male conceit. Some of Ahuja’s activities come under the scanner of the police. Mukul Chadha in the character of Dr. Ahuja and Radha Bhatt in the role of the wife who supports the husband in every activity.

Ranvir Shorey has done a great job in the role of Investigative Officer Digendra. Wearing thick lens glasses on his eyes, the consistency of his expressions is amazing. A colorful mood and always a mobile phone nerd, Girish Kulkarni’s effortless performance in the character of Inspector Tambe can be said to be the highlight of the series.

At the same time, Annapurna Soni has grabbed attention in the role of a talkative and vicious housemaid. ‘Sunflower’ has a strong technical side. Music, camera, costume all departments have done their job well. Rahul Sengupta’s direction is also fine.

The biggest problem with ‘Sunflower’ is that it has tried to say and show too much at once, due to which the series seems to be scattered and scattered. The pace slows down due to a mix of murder-mystery thrills, situational comedy, and social messages.

There are moments in the intervening episodes where the murder-mystery plot goes in the background and everything else keeps happening. A total of 8 episodes, the series picks up pace in the last episodes and the audience can feel the thrill that was missing in the affair of comedy. But, by then the bird has devoured the sunflower field.

Cast – Sunil Grover, Ashish Vidyarthi, Ranvir Shorey, Girish Kulkarni, Mukul Chadha, Ashwin Kaushal, Radha Bhatt, etc.

Director- Rahul Sengupta

Creator/Writer- Vikas Bahl

Platform- ZEE5


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