The Family Man Season 2 Review: Srikanth, who quits task, returns to action in Family Man 2


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The Family Man Season 2 Review: Prime Video then surprised its audience. All nine episodes of the series were released long before midnight for those who were on the way to the second season of ‘The Family Man’ at midnight on June 4. The first episode is 59 minutes and the second is also 51 minutes and the next episode sits between half an hour and 45 minutes and then the finale is one hour. But, just talk about the first episode. The story has come out of Delhi to Mumbai. Srikanth, who considers the gas scandal as his failure, is scolding a boss half his age in an IT company here. The house is as wide as it used to be. The son is asking for a gun with a silencer. The daughter’s boyfriend is having a different affair and the wife has brought the counselor’s appointment. Srikant Tiwari, the smartest officer in the NIA’s Special Wing Task, is trying to live like a family man. But Talpade comes and reminds him of Vada Pav. Both of them also go to Milind’s house to convince him who is blaming himself for the gas tragedy. But, the story of the second season begins with Sri Lanka long before Srikanth’s house, office, or shop.

Bhaskaran, the leader of Tamil rebels, has a newspaper in his hands about his death. The plan to attack parliament and the airport is being discussed and that is when the Sri Lankan army destroys their camp. Bhaskaran escapes and hides in London. His brother is in Chennai and the port in Sri Lanka decides to hand over Bhaskaran’s brother to the Sri Lankan government if china fails to touch it. Obviously, the fabric of the second season of ‘The Family Man’ for the hour-long episode has spread far and wide. Raj and DK have to wrap up the plot very efficiently in the next eight episodes. The two have directed just four episodes of the season this time, first, second, sixth, and ninth. The director of the remaining five episodes is part of Suparna S Verma. It is to be expected that he will be able to do justice to the branding of this series.

The duration of the episode shows that the scissors have gone on more on Suparna episodes after the ‘Tandava’ incident. However, this time Amazon Prime Video has made it clear even before the series begins that they have nothing to do with the plot of the series i.e. if the case is now filed, no prime video officer will have to go to the police station for questioning.

‘The Family Man 2’ begins directly on Lankan soil. The story continues in Tamil for the first five to seven minutes. Subtitles are in English, and even if people in the Hindi strip want to understand what’s going on screen, they don’t have a way to understand these dialogues. Here are some more colors of the world of espionage that Raj and DK have built since last season. Raj and DK have written brilliantly the role of the retired intelligence officer Chellam, who is sought to persuade Bhaskaran’s brother to surrender after his siege. That’s how real spy officers do. Without being noticed in the world. ‘The Family Man 2’ has a really good start.

Manoj Bajpayee’s facial annoyance among the cast is still the same. Manoj’s face is beginning to show age. But, it looks perfect for the character of Srikanth Tiwari. One should not even try too hard to brighten their face in post-production. His arrogance seems to have made Samar Pratap of School grow old, but tewar is like that. Priyamani moves around like the first season. Sharib Hashmi is in his rhythm once again. The real color of Talpade’s character is from him. The rest of the border is going to be a Biswas this time. There are Dalip Tahil, Vipin Sharma, and a lot of South Indian artists. Samantha’s story is yet to enter. Many are set to go on a binge-watch of the series on Friday. After this scorpion watch, you will also get to read the review of the rest of the episodes here on Amar

The Family Man Season 2 Review

  • Web Series Review: The Family Man 2
  • Authors: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK, and Suman Kumar
  • Stars: Manoj Bajpayee, Sharib Hashmi, Priyamani, Seema Biswas, Dalip Tahil, Vipin
  • Sharma, Srikrishna Dayal, and Rajesh Balachandran, etc.
  • Director: Raj Nidimoru, Krishna DK
  • OTT: Amazon Prime Video
  • Rating: 4*/5*

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