Top 10 Romantic Web Series: Romance-packed web series to show Ishq’s magic



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Top 10 Romantic Web Series: The film world is closely associated with romance and light. If the film does not have a temper of Mohabbat in any genre, then suppose it has a dull taste.

The film world is closely associated with romance and light. If the film does not have a temper of Mohabbat in any genre, then suppose it has a dull taste. That is why the smell of Mohabbat is still the same no matter how many changes the content may be. Which came from the film screen to the small screen and now has its fragrance on OTT platforms as well. Don’t be sure, then look at these ten romantic web series only. The wet fragrance of Basi Mohabbat in which the hearts of the audience are filled with…


Released on both Alt Balaji and G5, the web series is the beautiful story of first arranged marriage and then love. The stars are Sharman Joshi and Asha Negi who will overwhelm you with the rain of Mohabbat.

Bandits Bandits

An already love story of Mohabbat and Music’s Ishq, the hero likes classical music in this web series on Amazon Prime so the heroine likes pop. The two are different in style but the hearts become one. Just this is where romantic juggling begins.

Little Things

This love story on Netflix is a lovely story of the Levin couple. Dhruv Sehgal and Mithila Palkar. Those who live together are not married. Yet others have good and bad times partners. The two do not know when they fall in love with them.

Kar Le Tu Bhi Mohabbat

The story of a couple who have crossed the age of Mohabbat is a web series Kar le Tu Bhi Mohabbat. Age has passed but the heart is still equally unobtrusive to love. But age does not allow the heart to open. Just like this, two mature people reach the floor of love. Ram Kapoor and Sakshi Tanwar have previously shown the same chemistry on the small screen and now their magic is going on on OTT as well.


Now just imagine that the name of the web series is mismatched, so how will the pair get together? That’s the specialty of this web series that will make you believe the flirting of two hearts even after they’re ‘mismatched’. The film will feature Prajakta Koli along with Rohit Saraf and Ranvijay Singha.


No, this web series has nothing to do with a birthday cake and then a proposal. This story is about a dog cheesecake. Which goes missing. Looking for him, the differences between his honors end and a shattered married life return to the track of love.


As a child, you may have played this game of knowing relationship states in your school days. It’s just based on the same idea this cute see a love story. Which also has the innocence of the days of childhood and the deep emotions of Mohabbat.

Permanent Roommates

The web series, starring Sumit Vyas and Nidhi Singh, is the story of love birds who dating long distances for three years. After that they believed in their love and then the two became one.

It happened in hong kong

A long and short journey. It is on this journey that if you find a traveler who becomes a lifelong Humsafar, the story changes. One such loving story is it happened in Hong Kong. The characters of Ahana Kumar and Amol Parashar fall in love during a journey and both promise to live together for the rest of their lives.

Band Baja Barat

Mian, wife Raji to hone what Kazi will do, but leave this Kazi if the family’s ways are different, then things get worse. And even if it is made, some become rocky through Mohabbat. Just like that is the love-filled nozzle and ups and downs story bang Baja Barat. However, if you want to see a new romantic avatar of Ali Fazal who appeared in Crime Genre’s web series, this web series is also very difficult for him.



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