Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif: Amidst rumors of marriage with Katrina Kaif, Vicky Kaushal reveals his favorite girl


Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif

Vicky Kaushal These days, Katrina Kaif has been in the headlines for her marriage. According to the news, both are going to get married in December. However, till now no official statement has come from both sides. Meanwhile, Vicky has told what kind of girl he wants to make his life partner. Vicky is going to appear in the adventure show ‘Wild With Bear Grylls’. Bear Grylls has described Vicky as an incredible guest of Bollywood actor. Vicky will be seen revealing his personal life as well as his biggest fear on this show. But the biggest thing that has been said is about his partner.

According to the report of Indian Express Vicky Kaushal Has told on the show of Bear Grill that he was born in a small house. For the sake of acting, he left his engineering studies in the middle. They are afraid of deep seawater. But what caught the attention of the actor is the revelations about his future wife. Actually, these days there is a lot of discussion about Vicky getting married to his girlfriend Katrina Kaif. Amidst these reports, Bear Grill asked him what kind of girl he would like to make his wife. In response to this question, Vicky said that ‘Who makes you feel at home all the time, with whom you can connect. Who loves and understands you in spite of knowing each other’s shortcomings, good qualities.

according to the news, Vicky Kaushal And Katrina Kaif have got engaged at the house of director Kabir Khan. However, both Vicky and Katrina have kept silent on the news of their marriage. In the middle of the show, Vicky gets a message from his father, which makes him emotional. Sham Kaushal says ‘Hello Puttar, love you, I am in a bit of tension. It is a bit difficult to survive in some places of the world where no one is your own. But I know that with you is Bear Grylls who is the biggest survivor in the world. Never give up. So please don’t give up, come out like a winner, we are all waiting for you.

On this Vicky Kaushal, It is said that his father is his strongest pillar and he tells about his life to Bear Grylls. I was an engineering student. My father was happy that his child would become an engineer because no one in my family did a 9-5 job, got a check every month, got a chance to spend time with family on weekends. That’s why he was very happy that someone in the family is going to live life. But I wanted to become an actor, so I left engineering.

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