Virat Kohli and Bobby Deol’s to be seen in Money Heist Season 5 web series, Money Heist funny memes go viral


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Virat Kohli and Bobby Deol’s to be seen in Money Heist Season 5 web series: Money Heist Season Five Volume One web series has been released on Netflix. It’s been released on Friday. It features many artists. Some of these actors have similarities to Virat Kohli and Bobby Deol. This has led to Indian fans of this web series sharing funny memes going viral. Fans of the Money Heist Web Series are sharing fun memes on social media. Virat Kohli and Bobby Deol’s look a like is being shared among them. The first 5 episodes have been released on Friday.

The fans of Money Heist are quite excited. An officer on the show looks like Bobby Deol and Virat Kohli. One fan wrote, ‘Bobby Deol has finally got a breakthrough money boost.’ Another fan wrote, ‘Virat Kohli is doing a cameo in Money Heist.’ While some fans have also described him as the son of Bobby Deol and Virat Kohli. Money Heist Season 5 is divided into 2 volumes. The first volume has been released on Friday while the second volume will be released on December 3.

Money Heist is quite a popular web series. Season 4 of this web series has been quite liked. It’s based on robbery. It shows the robbery being carried out in different ways. It is a very popular web series around the world.

Money Heist Season 5 Funny Memes

Bobby Deol is a film actor. He has worked in many films. He has also appeared in several web series. His acting is much loved. Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian cricket team. He has represented India in many matches. He is considered a good batsman.

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