Google Doodle Naziha Salim: Today Google is paying tribute to Iraqi artist Naziha Salim


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Google Doodle Naziha Salim: Today, on April 23, if you open Google, you will see a painting of a woman. Before you don’t understand anything, let us tell you that today Google is celebrating Najiha Salim’s birthday and her art. Najiha Salim is an Iraqi artist.

According to Google, on this day in the year 2020, the art collection of Najiha was revealed through the Barjeel Art Foundation. Najiha was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1927. His father was a painter and his mother also worked as a cook at home.

Najiha Salim art collection

Najiha’s art collection is present at the Sharjah Art Museum and the Modern Art Iraqi Archive. Today, Google is celebrating Naziha’s art style and her contribution to the world of art through this doodle.

Najiha also studied painting and obtained a graduate degree from the Baghdad Fine Arts Institute.  She also went to Paris on the scholarship and on the basis of her hard work became the first Iraqi woman to receive the scholarship. Not only that, she was the first Iraqi woman to step into the world of art and laid the foundation for women to come forward in the field of art.

Today, his name is remembered as one of Iraq’s most famous artists. The photo used in google doodle is also an artwork of his. In his art, the jaws of rural women were portrayed powerfully. He died on February 15, 2008.

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