Guru Arjan Dev Martyrdom Day 2021: 5th Sikh guru Arjan Dev ji is the crown of martyrs, read his sacrifice saga


Guru Arjan Dev Ji Martyrdom Day 2021

Guru Arjan Dev Martyrdom Day 2021: Arjan Devji, the 5th Guru of Sikhs, never bowed to the wrong things while following the guru tradition. He accepted to sacrifice himself to protect the refugees but did not bow down to the Mughal ruler Jahangir. He was always in favor of human service. He was a true sacrificer in Sikhism. It was from him that the tradition of sacrifice in Sikhism began. For 5 days they were tortured, but they endured everything with a calm heart. Finally, when he fainted on 1663 (May 30, 1606), the fourth day of the Shukla paksha of the senior month, his body was thrown into the Ravi stream.

Arjan Devji’s Sacrifice Saga

Jahangir became the emperor of the Mughal Empire in October 1605 after the death of Mughal emperor Akbar. As soon as he came under his rule, Arjan Singhji’s opponents became active and started inciting Jahangir against him. Meanwhile, Shahzada Khusro rebelled against her father Jahangir. Then Jahangir followed his son, and he ran to Punjab. Khusro Tarantaran approached Guru Sahib. Then Guru Arjan Dev Ji welcomed him and blessed him.

When Jahangir came to know about this, he got angry with Guruji. He ordered the arrest of Guruji. On the other hand, Guruji handed over the gurugadi to Bal Hargobind Sahib and reached Lahore himself. He was accused of rebelling against Mughal emperor Jahangir. Jahangir ordered Guru Arjan Dev Ji to be tortured and killed.

Other things related to Guru Arjan Devji

  • Guru Arjun Dev was born at Goindwal Sahib on 7th, 1620 i.e. 15th April, 1563 AD.
  •  His father was Ramdas Ji, the fourth guru of the Sikhs, and his mother Bibi Bhani. Guru Amar Das Ji was his maternal grandfather.
  • Harimandar Sahib was established at Amritsar Sahib by Guru Arjan Dev Ji, a central spiritual place of Sikhs.
  •  Guru Arjun Dev Ji has edited Guru Granth Sahib, which is one of his most important works.
  • His whole life has been dedicated to human service. They were the ocean of compassion and compassion. He looked at every community and class of the society in a similar manner.

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