Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar: Know unknown story of Master Blaster Life on his Birthday


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Happy Birthday Sachin Tendulkar: Sachin Tendulkar, who often silenced or smiled at questions related to his personal life in the media, opened up everything in his heart in his book ‘Playing It My Way. Sachin mentioned an incident in his book that he never forgot. Sachin wrote, “Like every boy in my childhood, I was also determined to take a new bicycle. If I told dad (Ramesh Tendulkar, Marathi poet), he would have avoided it. When he kept avoiding it, again and again, my anger increased. I didn’t go out to play then. Standing on the balcony, he watched his friends ride a bicycle. One day my head got stuck in the grill on the balcony.

Sachin’s head was stuck in the grill

Sachin wrote, “It was an intimidating experience for my parents. I was on the fourth floor. Because the balcony was small and it had a grill, I could not see it from above. I put my head on the grill to look out. I kept looking out but when my head started to pull out, it didn’t come out. I was stuck in it for 30 minutes. My family was very upset. After a lot of effort, my mother pulled my head out of the grill after pouring a lot of oil.

The family members were very upset

Sachin, while narrating the story after this, wrote, “All the housemates were disturbed by this action of mine. My father was worried that I wouldn’t do anything. They collected money from somewhere and gave me a new bicycle. But when the bicycle came home, it also brought with it a problem. I had an accident while riding a new bicycle. I had injuries. My father was angry again. He was angry. He said, “You won’t get a bicycle until you’re fine.”


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