Happy National Parents Day 2021: When did Parents’ Day Celebrate? Why Parents Celebrate? How to Celebrate Parents Day


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Happy National Parents Day 2021: A rare coincidence is that the first guru of a child is his parents. National Parents’ Day is celebrated every year on the fourth Sunday of the month of July. On this day we respect parents who play an important role in our lives. Let’s learn when and how this special day began. And what is the importance of parents in a child’s life?

The Importance of Parents’ Day!

Parents become dependent on children after an age. This is the time when every child should give love and respect in exchange for the sacrifice and dedication of his parents. Parents only want love and respect from their children. We should spend some time with them not only on a particular day but every day. Take time out of your busy schedule and take them to the park. Take you to the pilgrimage sites. Keep in mind that the blessings of parents are more effective than god’s blessings. Try not to hurt their dignity.

In which country is Parent’s Day celebrated?

Us President Bill Clinton began National Parents Day in 1994 when he signed the Congress resolution (36 USC 135) into law and republican Senator Trent Lott introduced the bill. Since then, parents’ day has been celebrated in the fourth week of July in the US and India. Parents’ Day is celebrated in South Korea every year on May 8 instead of Mother’s and Father’s Day. Celebrated in Vietnam on July 7. Parents’ Day is celebrated in the Philippines on the first Monday of December, while ‘Global Parents’ Day’ is celebrated in Russia and Sri Lanka on June 1 each year.

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