International Day Against Homophobia 2021: Scaring LGBT people, fearing them, humiliating them is called homophobia.


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International Day Against Homophobia 2021 (IDAHOT 2021): The LGBT community is fighting for their rights all over the world. A few months ago the Supreme Court has agreed to hear the eight curative petitions filed against Section 377 of the IPC. The court has assigned the case to a bench of 5 judges. This has raised new hope for the queer community. Today, on the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biophobia, some people in this community spoke about the problems and conflicts.

Take Counselor in schools (IDAHOT 2021)

Gautam Yadav is a successful HIV and LGBT rights activist today. He is fond of remembering his school days. What happened with Gautam in school is still happening in government and private schools with queer children. They are commented on and used physically. Gautam believes that if there are counselors in schools, LGBT children will not have to leave school as they do. Counselors can also guide children better, who in the absence of information hurt these children mentally and physically. Many LGBT activists are of the opinion that it is necessary to make people aware to give rights in society to the LGBT community. Insensitivity is natural, so to change the outlook of the society, educational institutions should also include issues like homosexuality, LGBT rights, Section 377.

Change the attitude of the police

Rudrani Chhetri, who started a modeling agency for transgender in Delhi, was beaten up by some on the road last year. He says that the attitude of the police was not correct in this case. Policemen have been accused of harassing and assaulting transgenders. Transgender activists say that how an LGBT person would be able to trust the police in such a situation. There is a need for a change in the police system.

Can’t find a house on rent

People in the LGBT community face a lot of problems with renting or buying a house. Because of this, they have to live in small settlements where there are no facilities. Some activists say that there should be reserved seats for transgender in schools and colleges. Discrimination in government hospitals also needs to be eradicated. Experts say that transgender people in the government and private sector do not get jobs. Because of this, he is forced to do things like prostitution, begging. At the same time, things like sexual harassment are increasing with gay and lesbian people too. In such a situation, an effort should be made to provide maximum honorable jobs to the people of this community.

Transgender is not a mental illness

Denmark is the first country to exclude transgenders from the list of mental illnesses. A petition in this regard has also been filed with the World Health Organization (WHO). However, the WHO has not yet taken a decision on this. Gender Identity Disorder is still placed in the category of brain disease in the WHO list. The Indian Psychiatric Society has considered homosexuality to be a form of human sexuality.

Why International Day Against Homophobia is celebrated

Scaring LGBT people, fearing them, humiliating them is called homophobia. This is what is called transphobia when people are against transgender people. Not only in our country but the LGBT community around the world is also being treated unfairly. For this reason, the Canadian Organization for Emergence started it in 2003 to warn people. This was followed by the announcement of the International Day Against Homophobia on May 17 in all member countries of the United Nations, with the 2006 Declaration of Montreal being formed. This year, the IDAHO committee agreed to add transgender and biophobia to its name.

International Day Against Homophobia 2021 Coat

Until the people of the LGBT community are treated normally, there will be no reduction in the crime against them. They need to be given the right to live life with respect. Such a law should be made so that they can marry their partners. – Abina, transgender activist
After the Supreme Court recognizes the third gender, it is now the responsibility of the central and state governments to make the life of transgender easier. There is also a need to run a mass campaign for transgender entitlements. Transgender should also be the priority of every government so that it can live with respect.

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