International Equal Pay Day 2021: Today is International Equal Pay Day Know its history and importance


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International Equal Pay Day 2021: Today is the International Day of Equal Pay. It is celebrated on 18 days every year. It was first celebrated in the year 2020. The main objective is to make people aware of equal pay to all sections of society. Women are paid less than men in all countries around the world. The ratio has been elaborated in several reports. In India also, the ratio is equal pay is seen. According to experts, it will take decades to uniformize the pay ratio even though people are aware at present.

Manu Smriti’s verses have not been fully implemented in a male-dominated country like India. This means where women are worshipped. There, the deities reside. Women have got respect in the country, but they have not been able to get equal rights. The proof is the pay ratio. Even at present, women are not paid according to their talent. The subject needs to be seriously considered as well as necessary steps are taken. Let us know in detail about the International Day of Equal Pay:

History of International Equal Pay Day

The United Nations resolved in November 2019 given the gender pay gap. The main objective of this proposal is to eliminate the gender pay gap. The United Nations took cognizance of the pay ratio of all countries around the world and proposed to observe Equal Pay Day on September 18 in the House. The resolution was passed unanimously. On the other hand, international equal payday was celebrated for the first time on September 18 for the first time in 2020.

Importance of International Day of Equal Pay 2021

As you know, women are underestimated in a male-dominated society. However, as of today, women are no less than anyone. Women in every field have flaunted their talent. For this, not only women, but people from all sections of society should get a common right and uniform pay. This will benefit the entire society. The common people also need to be aware. This will reduce the gap in society.

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