International Labour Day 2022: When and Where in the world is Labour Day celebrated


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International Labour Day 2022: Labor Day or Labour Day is celebrated all over the world not only by different names but also on different days. The purpose of celebrating this day is to make people aware of the workers and their problems. It was gradually recognized worldwide by names such as Labor Day, Labor Day, and May Day, to get acceptance of the changes that took place in the United States 135 years ago.

It started in the UNITED STATES

The reason behind celebrating this day is the beginning that took place on May 1, 1886. On this day, thousands of Workers in the United States began a strike to improve their working conditions. They wanted their working hours to be reduced from 15 hours a day to 8 hours. They had to struggle a lot to celebrate their demands but eventually, they succeeded and since then may 1 has been a day of symbol for the workers.

When is Labor Day celebrated in the United States?

But there are two interesting things in this case. The 1886 stroke, considered an inspiration for Labor Day, was marked by May 4, when 4 workers were killed and 100 injured in a shooting in Chicago. What is even more strange is that national labor day in the US itself is celebrated on the first Monday of September.

Around the world on May 1

After the Chicago incident, when there were strikes and demonstrations for workers in Europe, May 1 was chosen. Due to the Chicago movement, one day of the week was kept off only. After this movement, the first day of May 1890 was chosen for widespread demonstrations in Europe and America. Gradually, when there was a big demonstration and strike for the workers, it started to be held only on May 1. Even today, in many countries of the world, May 1 is a holiday for workers.

Labour Day in India

In India too, Mazdoor Diwas is celebrated on May 1 by many names. The first Labour Day in the country was celebrated by the Left in Chennai in 1923. Since then, many trade unions in the country have adopted May Day and today labour day is celebrated in the country on May 1 and in many states, May 1 is a state holiday.

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