International Museum Day 2021: Know the history, theme, importance and interesting information related to International Museum Day


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International Museum Day 2021: If you want to know any city or place, you must first reach its roots. Nowadays, no one has much time to reach the roots, that they study in someplace for the first hour and then reach there, but going to the museum as soon as they go there can be a good option. Museums around the world are doing well to reach people and save things related to history. May 18 is celebrated every year as International Museum Day. Learn from the next slides the history, importance, and other important things related to International Museum Day.

History of International Museum Day

The idea of ​​celebrating International Museum Day all over the world first came to the mind of the International Council of Museums and from 1977 onwards the day started celebrating it. There are many museums around the world. If tourists go anywhere, do not forget to visit museums, so on this day, in many countries museums do not even have tickets.

The theme of International Museum Day 2021

To celebrate International Museum Day, a theme is laid by the International Council of Music. This year’s theme is ‘Future of Museum – Reconnaissance, and Conservation’. Keeping these themes in mind, different countries work for their museums throughout the year so that people will have a tendency towards them.

Do an online tour of museums

Nowadays many tours of many museums are conducted online on Google, so you can do this on International Museum Day. Due to Corona, it is not possible to visit the museum anywhere in the country and abroad, but if you are getting such a chance to see the museum while sitting at home, then do not let it go empty. Online museum tours do not have tickets for museums under the supervision of any government of India.

The first museum of India

The Indian Museum established by the Asiatic Society of Bengal (currently the building of the Asiatic Society at 1 Park Street) in 1814 is the first and the largest multipurpose museum not only in the Indian subcontinent but in the Asia Pacific region of the world. On Google, there is a complete system of doing virtual tours of different galleries of this museum.

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