International No Diet Day: One Day Diet Holiday, Today Is No Diet Day, What Is The Reason?


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International No Diet Day: In today’s fast-paced world everyone seems to be paying close attention to their diet. Some people go on a diet to lose weight, while others go on a diet to gain weight. This allows everyone to control their diet. Everyone who has been dieting for a week is eagerly awaiting an upcoming Cheat Day. The dieter follows a diet to control eating throughout the week. The no-diet day is celebrated for such people to find a day of relief and love for themselves.

But everyone is waiting for Cheat Day. On the day they can eat their favorite food. One such cheat day is celebrated internationally. May 6 is International No Diet Day. Find out the reason behind this.

International No Diet Day History

British woman Mary Evans celebrated the first International No-Diet Day in Britain on 6 May 1992. Mary wanted people to accept themselves as they were. Mary wanted to make people aware of the dangers of dieting.

What is the purpose behind International No Diet Day?

Nowadays people compare themselves with others. Some want to be thin like others and some want to be thick. But instead of comparing ourselves with others, we should accept ourselves as we are. The main purpose of celebrating International No-Diet Day is to love oneself.


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