Naziha Salim Google Doodle: Google remembers Naziha Salim, pays tribute to this influential artist from Iraq through a special doodle


Naziha Salim

Naziha Salim Google Doodle: Search engine Google has paid tribute to painter, professor, and one of the most influential artists in Iraq’s contemporary art landscape, Naziha Salim, through its doodle artwork on April 23, 2022. On this day in the year 2020, the barrel art foundation highlighted the work of Najiha in a collection of women artists. Google has dedicated a special doodle to show respect for Salim’s painting style and his contribution to the art. The doodle that Google has dedicated is a mix of two photos. In the picture that is visible in the doodle, on one side, Najiha Saleem can be seen holding a paintbrush, while on the other hand, a glimpse of her painting is being seen.

After completing her studies, Salim stayed abroad for a few years, then she returned to Baghdad to study fine arts and retired from there. She was one of the founders of Al-Ruwad in Iraq. Indeed, al-Ruwad is a community of Iraqi artists who study abroad and are known to incorporate European art techniques into Iraqi aesthetics.

Naziha Salim was born in Istanbul, Turkey, in 1927. Born into a family of artists, Najiha’s father was a painter himself and his mother was an expert in the art of embroidery. From an early age, Naziha had a special attitude towards art. Given her inclination toward the arts, she was enrolled at the Baghdad Fine Arts Institute, where she studied and graduated in painting. Najiha specialized in fresco and mural painting.

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