World Aids Vaccine Day 2021: When and why is World AIDS Vaccination Day celebrated, know its history and importance


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World Aids Vaccine Day 2021: Due to Corona Every researcher is doing research day and night to make 100% effective vaccine to save the whole world facing the crisis. But this is not the only disease for which scientific research is being done to make vaccines. In the past, scientists have created vaccines to protect against dozens of life-threatening diseases. One of them is the deadly disease AIDS, after which, after long research, scientists have been successful in making the vaccine.

Scientific research is still being done to root out HIV / AIDS, a dangerous disease caused by unprotected sex. Every year, May 18 is celebrated as World AIDS Vaccination Day all over the world. Let us know why World AIDS Vaccination Day is celebrated and what is its history and importance?

Why is World AIDS Vaccine Day celebrated?

It is known that AIDS is a dangerous deadly disease. The disease is caused by unprotected sex. Therefore, to avoid this, public awareness is done from time to time by the government and private institutions.

Special programs are organized on this day to spread awareness among the people about getting vaccinated for the prevention of AIDS. World Immunization Day is also celebrated all over the world to thank scientists who have been searching for vaccines for diseases like AIDS.

History of World AIDS Vaccine Day

Now the most important thing is that why World Vaccination Day is celebrated only on 18 May? Indeed, US President Bill Clinton gave a speech at Morgan State University on 18 May 1997. On the basis of this speech, it was decided to celebrate World AIDS Vaccination Day. Clinton spoke in this speech about eliminating AIDS through vaccines in the coming decade. Through his speech, he tried to convince the whole world that this deadly disease can be defeated. Clinton, through his speech, tried to allay the fear of people against AIDS.

Explain that on the day of World AIDS Vaccination Day, scientists and doctors from all over the world discuss among themselves. Medical college students are told about the history of the AIDS vaccine and important things related to it. Also, what are the possibilities regarding the vaccine in the coming time, these are also discussed. Apart from this, awareness is spread among the people and the importance of the AIDS vaccine is explained.

People died due to vaccine

Explain that when scientists and doctors came to know about this disease in the 80s, research was started to prevent it. At that time, a person suffering from AIDS died in the next two years. The HIV virus weakens immunity and the virus first attacks the human lymphatic system. There is no HIV medicine yet, but it is being prevented through this vaccine.

Symptoms of AIDS

There is still less awareness among people about AIDS. Caution is not taken while making sexual relations. Also, people ignore the symptoms of this disease. Symptoms of AIDS include fever, swelling of the glands, sore throat, excessive sweating at night, muscle aches, headaches, extreme fatigue, body rashes.

World Aids Vaccine Day 2021 Theme

This year The theme for World AIDS Day is “Global Solidarity”.

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