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World Blood Donor Day 2021: World Blood Donor Day is one of eight official health campaigns identified by the World Health Organization. This day is celebrated to raise awareness about the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank blood donors. In many countries, there is no adequate supply of safe blood. Providing blood is a challenging task by ensuring the quality and safety of blood from such events, which is done through it.

World blood donor day history

World Blood Donor Day is celebrated every year on June 14, 1868, to mark the birth anniversary of Carl Landsteiner. He was a great scientist who also received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the ABO Blood Group. The day was first launched in 2004, launched by the World Health Organization, The International Federation. World Blood Donor Day was officially announced by 192 world health organization members to hold such an event at the 58th World Health Conference in May 2005. The purpose of which was to make the blood donor know that as soon as blood donation is safe, it provides an important gift like life-saving to any person by supplying blood to the required person. At the same time, members were also aiming to inspire all countries around the world, and to ensure adequate blood supply, to promote voluntary, safe, and unpaid blood donation.

The objective of World blood donor day

  • The Who aims to get adequate blood supply from voluntary and unpaid blood donors worldwide by 2020 and deliver them to the needy.
  • Statistics have revealed that only 62 countries are supplying enough blood to voluntary and unpaid donors, while in 40 countries the patient is still dependent on either his family member or a blood donor who supplies blood to them after paying the money. Therefore, this day is organized to motivate voluntary blood donors and to appreciate their contributions.
  • The day is celebrated to supply blood to anyone in any corner of the world and to meet the needs of blood products infection.
  • Under this campaign, millions of lives are protected by fulfilling blood requirements every year, and attempts are made to give them a natural smile on their faces.
  • Patients suffering from blood circulation are encouraged to fight dangerous diseases of life and lead a quality life. Organizing such a world solves the problem of many difficult and surgical procedures.
  • Blood collected in blood donation is used for severely bloodless women, orphans, accident victims, surgical patients, cancer patients, patients suffering from thalassemia, patients suffering from hemophilia, sickle cell anemia, people suffering from blood clotting disease, and anyone suffering from any blood-related disease.
  • This campaign acts as a great lifesaver for caring for women during pregnancy. Every year, malnourished pregnancies, childbirth complications, and excessive bleeding during or after delivery lead to childbirth. At that time, such a campaign is launched by the World Health Organization to motivate unpaid donors to save mothers and children, who are the future of any country, to meet the needs of blood.
  • The day is organized to make a thank you memorandum to voluntary and unpaid blood donors all over the world to save the lives of millions of people.

How to celebrate World Blood Donor Day

The exchange of blood and blood products helps save millions of people every year. A lot of activities and programs are organized to make people aware of the need for blood donation globally and internationally.

Health care organizations in the world such as the World Health Organization, The International Federation of Red Cross, Red Crescent Societies, The International Federation of Blood Donor Organizations, and The International Society of Blood Transfusions, etc., all organize programs to motivate people globally. The campaign for this day has been prepared by the Council of Europe.

On this day, meetings, discussions, debates, and seminar competitions are held and the subject of blood donation is discussed.

Blood group information

Our blood is mainly divided into eight classes which are as follows: O+ i.e. O Positive or Positive, A+, B+, AB+ All these come in the positive blood group. At the same time, O – i.e. Negative, A-, B-, AB – all fall into the negative blood group. Before taking and giving blood to any person, one must keep an eye on which blood group of people can give their blood to which blood group. We have tried to convey this information through this table, which will help in increasing your information.

World blood donor day quotes

  • According to Donna Reed, I have been a partner in blood donation since the 1980s, realizing the need for blood protection, there is no significant need for any needy person in this big world.
  • Nikki Taylor expressed her views on the blood donor and said on the occasion of this day that she was always grateful to such an unpaid blood donor who donates blood and I want to dedicate my life to blood donors inspired by her.
  • Nikki Taylor expressed her view above this day and said that I aim to tell people about as many blood donors as possible who desperately need them.
  • According to Patrik Parse, there is nothing more terrible in the world than bloodshed and slavery. A country where anemia is seen as the ultimate fear has lost its respect Blood is a pure and sacred object.

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