Drought and Desertification: New relationship with nature needed to prevent drought and desertification


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World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought 2021: Nearly a third of Earth’s land area is made up of dry land. Desertification or erosion of land in dry areas is mainly caused by changes in human activities and climate. This usually affects more than three billion people regularly.

Such areas are highly vulnerable to excessive exploitation and improper use. For example, animals grazing too much grass or using wrong methods of irrigation.

On this day, UN chief Antonio Guterres said in his message, “Through international action and solidarity, we can expand the scope and level of climate action and restoration of land for the good of future generations and nature-based solutions.”

“By doing so, we can achieve sustainable development goals and not allow anyone to lag.”

The UN chief highlighted the efforts being made to prevent land erosion and mentioned the Great Green Wall in the Sahel region, which was launched by the African Union in 2007.

Through this initiative, plantation sapping is being carried out from Senegal to Djibouti to restore land, promote food security, and bring about transformational changes in the lives and livelihoods of the people.

“Such efforts bring back biodiversity, reduce the impact of climate change and further strengthen communities.”

He emphasized that the benefits of these efforts are ten times higher in cost.

Conservation of Nature

The international day to tackle desertification and drought is drawing attention to the importance of sustainable production and consumption this time.

The slogan is aimed at motivating people to stop wastage of food, buy in local markets, and exchange clothes instead of always buying new clothes.

Ibrahim Chiau, executive secretary of the UN Office (UNCCD) on the Global Treaty for the Prevention of Land Desertification, said the Covid-19 epidemic has temporarily curbed certain freedoms, including traveling as desired, but people still have the freedom to choose.

“In our globalized society, our food, fodder for our cattle, and clothing affect land thousands of miles away from Fiber.”

“Every one of us has the power to protect the land from our selection in everyday life. And we can still choose to preserve nature. By doing so, we will actually be protecting our future.”

On International Day to prevent desertification, UN General Assembly Chief Tijani Mohammad-Bande said 75 percent of land worldwide is a victim of erosion.

“When land is eroded, resources are weakened. In this way, the weakest people are even more vulnerable to poverty and poverty: women, small farmers, tribal communities, and children are adversely affected.”

Extreme poverty and starvation arising out of these problems are among the root causes of violent conflict and migration. It appears as a type of erosion-abandonment-cycle of migration.

The General Assembly President believes that there is an urgent need for a system of change that will focus on conservation, continuity, and restoration and that a resolution to protect the earth has to be retaken.

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