World Food Safety Day: World Food Safety Day is celebrated on 7th June, read its history


World Food Safety Day History

World Food Safety Day: Every year thousands of people lose their lives due to the lack of eating contaminated food. In such a situation, the United Nations (UN) has given the responsibility of promoting food Safety to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

The theme of World Food Safety Day 2021

This year the theme of World Food Safety Day 2021 is “Safe Food Today for a Healthy Tomorrow”. This theme emphasizes the production and consumption of food. Food is such a necessity for all of us, without which even a day cannot survive. Whenever we feel very hungry, we often eat anything and in the present time, we have become so busy that most of us keep on consuming junk food. It is known to all that junk food is not healthy at all for health. Despite this, a large number of people consume it.

History of World Food Safety Day

In the year 2018, a declaration was made by the United Nations General Assembly that every year 7 June will be observed as the World Food Safety Day. This was to recognize the burden on people around the world in relation to foodborne diseases.

For this, both WHO (World Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) work in collaboration with member countries and other organizations related to the region to celebrate World Food Safety Day.

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