World Ocean Day 2021: Earth’s lungs are oceans so it’s important to conserve them, History and Importance, and Theme of World Oceans Day


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World Ocean Day 2021: World Ocean Day is observed every year on 8th June to raise global awareness about the important role of oceans in human life and the efforts needed to conserve them. Highlighting issues like biodiversity, food security, ecological balance, climate change, indiscriminate use of marine resources, etc., and creating awareness in the world about the challenges posed by oceans are the main reasons for celebrating this day.

World Ocean Day History

The concept of ‘World Ocean Day’ was first decided to celebrate World Ocean Day every year at the Earth Summit (Planet Earth) forum held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992. The basic purpose of its concept at the Earth Summit by the International Centre for Ocean Development and ocean Institute of Canada is to inform people about the effects of human activities on the oceans, develop a worldwide movement of citizens for the ocean and mobilize and unite the global population on a project for sustainable management of oceans around the world. However, it was officially recognized by the United Nations only in 2008.

World Ocean Day 2021 Theme

World Ocean Day 2021 Theme

Like every year, the theme of 2021 is ‘The Ocean: Life and Livelihoods’.

Purpose to celebrate World Ocean Day

Being surrounded by the Ocean, the earth is also called a ‘water planet’, but now the existence of the same water planet is in danger. Oceans play an important role in ecological balance and symbolize life on earth. Since time immemorial, oceans have been preserved in various forms of life, with a variety of animals and flora, from microorganisms to giant whales. Scientists estimate that there are about 1 million species of organisms in the Oceans. Whose natural habitat is the ocean?

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