Upstox: How to make money from Share Market? How to open an account in Upstox Trading App


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Upstox: How to make money from Share Market? How to open an account in Upstox Trading App?: If you are thinking of earning some money by investing in the stock market, then this post is going to be very beneficial for you.

The stock market is also like a business, in which you can make money by investing money.

In the stock market, profits come from the purchase and sale of shares. Let’s take a quote:

Reliance’s stock was worth Rs 875 on 23 March 2020, which is priced at Rs 2100 from 18 August 2020 to the present day. If someone bought Reliance shares in 875 on 23 March, he would be earning a profit of 1200 per share in today’s date.

Let take a second option.

Here too, we talk about Reliance, the price of one share of Reliance on August 14 was 2150, now you think that Reliance’s stock will fall in the coming days. So on August 14, you sold the Reliance stock for 2150 and when it reached 2080 on August 17, you bought it. It is also called Short Selling.

In this way, we earned 80 rupees per share by doing short selling of Reliance.

How to make money in the share market?

If you want to invest money in the stock market, then you will need a Upstox Demat account for this.

Trading in the stock market takes place only through a Demat account. You can start trading by opening your free Demat account in Upstox in just 5 minutes.

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Click here to Open Upstox Demat Account Free

Keep this document with you before opening an online Upstox Demat account

  • Aadhar Card
  • pan card

Open a free account in Upstox and take advantage of these features

  • Free Demat Account (Savings Rs 500)
  • Free brokerage for 30 days (savings Rs 3000)
  • The free course from I Learn Market (Savings Rs 999)
  • Free Stockage Membership (Savings Rs 999)
  • Easy trading with mobile apps
  • You will be given free help from our account after opening the account from the given link.

How to do Intraday Trading in Upstox?

Friends, those who trade in the share market adopt two methods:

The first is the way in which the shares are held for a long time like 1 week, 1 month, 2 months ……… until their target is met. This type of trade is also called delivery trade.

There is another way in which the shares are bought and sold in a single day. Suppose you made a trade when the market opened at 9:15 AM and before 3:30 PM of the same day you sold your shares with a target. It is also called Day Trading or Intraday Trading.

You can easily do intraday and delivery trading in Equity, Option, Future, Commodity.

How much money is required to trade in a share market?

Trading in the stock market can start from 100 rupees, but it depends on what you are investing money on.
Like if you do intraday trading then you should save your profit by cutting your brokerage charge. If you take delivery trade, then the brokerage charge is not charged in the Upstox Free Demat Account.

Let’s take a quote. Suppose you made a profit of Rs 200 in intraday in a lot, brokerage charge of Rs 48 will be deducted from the purchase and sale and your profit will be Rs 152

Trade-in Index Option Is Advantage Dull?

Trading an index option is very beneficial as it involves risk and investment. You just have to understand the movement of the index when it will go up and when.

You can earn up to 500 rupees a day by trading in the bank nifty option, that too by applying only 2000 rupees.

I also trade in the Bank Nifty option, I am sharing some screenshots below with my Upstox Free Demat Account, by seeing which you can get an idea of ​​the profit.

If you also want to earn money from the share market, start fast today by opening Free Demat Account in Upstox.

Open Upstox Free Account

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