7 Year Old Girl Raped Andhra Pradesh: Man arrested for raping, murdering 7-year-old girl in Andhra Pradesh


7 Year Old Girl Raped Andhra Pradesh

7 Year Old Girl Raped Andhra Pradesh: In Andhra Pradesh, police have arrested A 30-year-old man Dudekula Siddhaiya for raping and killing a 7-year-old girl in the Prakasam district. The accused on Thursday brought the 7-year-old girl to his house, who was playing near her house, a police officer said on Tuesday. He then sexually assaulted her and then strangled her to death.

To make sure the girl was dead, Siddaiah also hit her head with a rock because she feared that if the minor survived, she could tell others what she had done to her. Later, he wrapped her body in a plastic bag and threw it on the outskirts of Ambawram village of Giddaluru Mandal in Prakasam district.

After the horrific incident, police had formed special teams which managed to arrest the accused near the gate of the Giddluru bus stand on Monday evening. Police have registered a case under Section 366 (A), 342, 376 (A) (B), 302, 201, and Section 6 of the POCSO Act of IPC.

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