Ahmed Patel passes away: Congress senior leader Ahmed Patel eyelid

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Ahmed Patel passes away: Senior Congress leader Ahmed Patel has passed away. The 71-year-old Ahmed Patel was diagnosed with corona last month. With that, he has been receiving treatment at a hospital in Delhi ever since. On October 1, Ahmed Patel tweeted about this. Ahmed Patel said that he got a corona positive.

All of them should be tested and asked to be self-isolated. So, he had more other health problems due to corona. His son Faizal Patel tweeted that various organs in the body were paralyzed and that is why his father passed away on Wednesday morning.

“This is a sad thing. I’m sorry to say that. My father passed away. He breathed his last at 3.30 am on Wednesday. When the corona came positive a month ago, his health deteriorated so badly. The organs were not working properly. Please follow all the rules. Do not go into groups. Follow. Be careful with Corona, “Faizal Patel tweeted.

Ahmed Patel, a Rajya Sabha MP from Gujarat, is the most crucial and most senior leader in the Congress. He served as Congress Treasurer. An 8-time MP, he is the closest thing to interim president Sonia Gandhi. On November 15, he was admitted to Medanta Hospital.

ICU in Gurugram. His health has been deteriorating ever since. Ahmed Patel’s family has said that his funeral will be held in a modest manner. Even 84-year-old Gogoi. Corona became positive. He contracted a corona in August. Treatment at the hospital has continued ever since. He was later discharged but was admitted to the hospital again on November 2 due to respiratory problems. Eventually, he died.

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