America, Australia want to work more through Quad cooperation



30 01 2021 tony blinken 21320513The top diplomats from the US and Australia, after discussing China in their talks, have said that the two countries want to do more through quad cooperation.

Washington: After the top diplomats from the US and Australia discussed China in their talks, the two countries said they wanted to do more through quad cooperation. US Secretary of State Tony Blinken arrived in Washington at a joint press conference with Australian Foreign Minister Maris Payne on Thursday, saying the US would never leave Australia alone, especially in the face of economic pressure from China. China’s response to Blinken’s statement is awaited.

“We are working closely with India and Japan to advance the shared vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific region,” Blinken said. We are tackling major, complex challenges such as ensuring compliance with international regulations in the East and the South China Sea and worldwide safe and effective access to anti-Kovid-19 vaccines. President Joe Biden became proud by organizing the first summit of the quad in March. We are excited to do more in the coming months and years in collaboration with our partners. ‘

The quadrilateral security dialog is abbreviated as the quad. It was formed in the year 2007. This includes India, America, Australia, and Japan. Payne said Australia’s relationship with China was negotiated. He said, ‘Australia wants a constructive relationship with China. We are ready at any time to resume dialogue. “Calling to stand with Australia in worsening trade and other disputes with China, Blinken said,” I reiterate that America will not leave Australia alone, Especially in the case of economic pressure from China.

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