Kurukshetra: Himant’s coronation verdict is the return of the Kshatrap Yuga to the BJP, which could become a headache for the party in the future!


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By making Himanta Biswa Sarma the Chief Minister in Assam, the Bharatiya Janata Party has ensured the stability of the second term of its government in this largest state of the Northeast, but it has also indicated that barring unusual circumstances, the party will be the Chief Minister in any state and At the Center, the old policy has started to change only the leaders from the fundamental background of the Sangh and BJP in important positions like President, Prime Minister, now the change has started. On the other hand, the Congress has no option but to beat the heat because if the party leadership understood the usefulness of Hemant in time, then perhaps in 2016 the Congress would not have been out of power in Assam and if it had been, then this time surely Himanta’s leadership Congress government was formed in But the biggest example of how the party’s arrogance and inertia overwhelm the central leadership is Himanta Biswa Sarma’s coronation as the BJP’s chief minister in Assam.

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