Bihar lockdown update: lockdown in Bihar from today to May 15, know here every important thing in the guideline


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Bihar lockdown update: lockdown in Bihar from today to May 15, know here every important thing in the guideline: In Bihar, the entire lockdown has come into force from May 5 today. The state government has announced a complete lockdown till 15 May. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar announced it himself on Tuesday. The government has directed the authorities to implement the lockdown strictly. During the lockdown, only shops connected to daily needs like ration, dairy, and vegetables are allowed to open only for four hours from seven in the morning to 11 in the afternoon. Barring drug stores and essential services, the rest of the shops will remain completely closed. There will be no time restriction on drug stores and essential services. Here you will get every information related to lockdown.

The Chief Secretary has given instructions to exercise strictness for Bihar lockdown

After the decision to implement the lockdown in the state at the meeting of the Disaster Management Group, Chief Secretary Tripurari Sharan directed all the District Magistrates to strictly implement the lockdown. After the lockdown was announced, the Chief Secretary held a meeting with all DMs through video conferencing. He apprised the districts about the measures being taken to deal with Corona and directed all the District Magistrates to strictly follow the lockdown.

Those who take the lockdown lightly will fall

The Chief Secretary stated clearly that no one should take the lockdown lightly, taking necessary actions keeping this in mind. He said that the District Magistrate should also inform all the officers working under him about the decision of the government. He also said that there would be no obstruction in the essential services.

No one will have trouble in getting this pass

The Chief Secretary has also made it clear that there should be no problem in taking e-pass to any needy, officers should take special care of it. Make such arrangements available to people easily. He said that it is also the responsibility of the District Magistrates to ensure that necessary services are not interrupted under the strictness of lockdown.

DM and SSP hit the road in Patna at seven o’clock

People started crowding the street in Patna when the shops of essential commodities opened from seven in the morning. Police officers from all the police stations and all the police stations along with Patna DM Chandrashekhar Singh and SSP Upendra Sharma also appeared on the road to handle the situation and deliver a strong message on the first day.

Policemen were seen interrogating every visitor

Policemen were seen questioning every visitor on the road. The SSP himself stopped several vehicles and asked for the documents of vehicles and asked the reason for leaving the road. He said that people are allowed to move for essential services, so some vehicles are showing on the road. Hardening will be extended after 11 pm.

You can shop at the nearest store

The SSP said that it is necessary between seven to 11 o’clock only when they leave the house to shop at the shop. During this time you will have to go on foot. An e-pass will be required to use a private vehicle. Also, keep in mind that you have to buy vegetables and ration from the nearest shop. Unnecessary walking away from your home by making an excuse to buy vegetables and ration, then strict action will be taken.

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