Coronavirus Vaccine in Bihar: Central government will buy Corona vaccine on a large scale, has promised free in Bihar


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Coronavirus Vaccine in Bihar: After the BJP’s promise to give free corona vaccine in Bihar, now the pressure will increase in many states. Health is a state subject and after taking the vaccine at a nominal cost from the center, the states have to decide whether it will give it to the public for free or not. By the way, providing free vaccines for power, water, and even waiving state loans is not a big financial issue. The central government will purchase the vaccine on a large scale.

As such, under the National Immunization Campaign, 12 types of vaccines are given free of cost to the children, and the entire cost is borne by the central government. But in the case of the corona vaccine, it will be slightly different. Probably like the typhoid vaccine for which money has to be paid, but the Delhi government buys the typhoid vaccine itself and gives it as a vaccination campaign.

What official said on Coronavirus Vaccine in Bihar

According to highly placed officials of the Ministry of Health, the central government will purchase the vaccine and make it available to the state governments. After this, the state governments have to decide everything. In the case of the vaccine, the central government has formed an expert group, which is busy making the entire system from procurement to giving to people.

Apart from this, the expert group is identifying and preparing a list of healthcare workers, policemen, and people above 50 years of age in all states. The central government will ensure that the vaccine is first given to about 30 crore people with the same priority. But the task of giving the vaccine will be entirely up to the state governments.

Let us know that the parties are engaged in plaguing the votes with the manifesto for the Bihar assembly elections. While issuing BJP’s resolution letter in Patna on Thursday, Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman said that four types of vaccines have been prepared in the country. Once the production of these vaccines starts on a large scale, it will be given free to the people in Bihar. With the announcement of Sitharaman, the discussion started on social media.

Suman wrote on micro-blogging site Twitter, now it came to know what is happening in Bihar. Brother election time and vaccine in Bihar. Prabhat wrote, Wah re Bihar election, why did not come earlier. If the election was announced in March itself, so many people would not have died. Anshu wrote that I thought that the issue of vaccine would continue like a temple, but what is this, BJP has already announced.

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