Break on flights: seven flights canceled due to Corona, cancellation of flights to Delhi, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.



Coronavirus, corona in gorakhpur, gorakhpur airport, corona update, latest gorakhpur news, flights canceled, Gorakhpur News in Hindi, Latest Gorakhpur News in Hindi, Gorakhpur Hindi Samachar, anindianews,, An India News,Break on flights: The effect of the fear of Corona in Gorakhpur is now clearly visible on the flights. In other states, the number of passengers traveling by air has decreased due to the requirement of a negative report of RTPCR in lockdown and air travel. Due to this, many flights of flights were canceled for the third consecutive day on Sunday. Seven of the 13 flights were canceled.

IndiGo flights to Kolkata and Prayagraj were canceled on Sunday. At the same time, except for SpiceJet’s evening flight to Mumbai, all other flights were canceled due to reduced passenger numbers. These include flights to Delhi, Mumbai, and Ahmedabad. Airport Director Prabhakar Bajpai said that seven of the 13 flights from here on Sunday had to be canceled.

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