Coronavirus in India: Second round of deadly corona epidemic in the country, all broken old records in U.P.

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Image Source: Deccan Herald

Coronavirus in India: The second wave of corona infection in the country is now spreading very fast. In 24 hours, 1.84 lakh people have got corona infected, then more than 1 thousand people have died. This is the highest number of patients found in a day. Only a few weeks ago, where the number of active cases in the country had come down to 1.5 lakhs, but now this figure has crossed 13 lakhs. However, there are still 9 states and union territories in the country, where the second wave of Corona has not shown much effect. Of these, the total number of patients is still less than 500.

Corona breaks all old records in UP, 20510 new patients found in one day

The state of coronavirus is getting worse in the country’s largest state Uttar Pradesh by population. The virus has broken all the old records here. The state has received 20,510 new cases during the last 24 hours, the highest number of infections reported in a single day. Earlier on Tuesday, 18,021 new cases were reported. According to data released on Wednesday by Health Department’s ACS Amit Mohan Prasad, “20,510 new infections have been detected in the state.” With this, the number of active patients has increased to 1,11,835. At the same time, in the last 24 hours, 4,517 patients have recovered from the hospital and have gone back to their homes. The total number of infected in the state has reached above seven lakhs.

Most patients in these states

Maharashtra leads in the most affected states, where 50 to 60 thousand people are getting infected every day for the last several days. The number of active cases has reached about 6 lakhs here, whereas more than 58 thousand people have died in the state so far due to this virus. In the case of active cases, Chhattisgarh ranks second, with 1,09,139 patients being treated.

Uttar Pradesh is in third place with 95,980 active cases. This is followed by 78,636 in Karnataka, 52,450 in Kerala, 49,985 in Tamil Nadu, 43,539 in Madhya Pradesh, Delhi (43,510), 40,690 in Rajasthan, 34,555 in Gujarat, 29,050 in West Bengal, 28,184 in Punjab, 25,850 in Andhra Pradesh, 25,459 in Telangana. And 24,207 patients are being treated in Haryana.

There are fewer cases in these states

However, like the first wave, this time to there are many states and union territories where the number of active cases is less than 500. These include several states in the North East. At present, there are only 55 patients from Corona in Arunachal Pradesh, 86 in Lakshadweep, and 93 in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. 118 patients are being treated in Manipur, 174 in Nagaland, and 175 in Sikkim. Apart from these, there are 204 active cases in Mizoram, 270 in Meghalaya, 312 in Tripura.

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