COVID-19 Cases in India: For the second time, more than 4 lakh cases occurred in a day, for the first time in 24 hours, 3980 deaths


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COVID-19 Cases in India: The orgy of corona infection does not seem to stop. There is an atmosphere of panic everywhere. For the second time in the country, more than four lakh corona cases have been registered in a single day. According to the latest data released by the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours, 412,262 new corona cases have come and 3980 infected people have lost their lives. However, 3,29,113 people have also recovered from Corona. Earlier, on April 30, there were 401,993 new cases in the country. Around 40 percent of the cases around the world are being filed in India every day.

Till May 5, 16 crores 25 lakh 13 thousand 339 corona doses have been given across the country. 19 lakh 55 thousand 733 vaccines were given on the previous day. At the same time, more than 29 crores 67 lakh tests have been done. 19 lakh corona sample tests were conducted on the previous day, whose positivity rate is more than 21 percent.

Corona’s latest situation in the country today

Total Corona Case – 2 crores 10 lakh 77 thousand 410
Total discharge – one crore 72 lakh 80 thousand 844
Total active cases – 35 lakh 66 thousand 398
Total death – 2 lakh 30 thousand 168
The death rate of corona in the country is 1.09 percent while the recovery rate is more than 82 percent. The active case increased to 17 percent. India is second in the world in Corona Active Case. India also ranks second in terms of the total number of infected people. While India has the highest number of deaths in the world after the USA, Brazil, and Mexico.

The third wave of Corona will also come

The country has not yet emerged from the second wave of Corona, that the point of the third wave has come to the fore. The third wave of Corona will also come, but when it can not be said right now. K Vijay Raghavan, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Central Government himself, admitted that the third wave of Corona will also come and it cannot be stopped.

Raghavan said that we have to be ready for the new wave of Corona. New strains of Corona will come, they will change the form. We will have to prepare for this and the vaccine will also have to be updated. He said that the first wave of the corona was reduced due to two reasons, people who had infections, immunity, and all the preventive measures including mask, social distancing, reduced infection. But when the steps of rescue were relaxed, then the infection started spreading again. At the same time, there are many factors in the second wave, in which the new variant of Corona is also a factor. The second wave increased because the immunity that was created was not enough to stop the infection.

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