Delhi Wrestlers Murder Case: ‘Bloody game’ wrestler named dark in Chhatrasal Stadium on Tuesday night also in the dock


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Delhi Wrestlers Murder Case: There have been frequent revelations about the death of a wrestler in a fierce fight in two groups of wrestlers at Chhatrasal Stadium in outer Delhi’s Model Town at 2 pm on Tuesday. It is alleged that wrestling wrestler Sushil Kumar, who was a two-time Olympic medalist in wrestling, rode in five vehicles and more than a dozen crooks of the Lawrence Bishnoi and Kala Jathedi gang reached the stadium. He first opened fire in the stadium and then beat the wrestlers present there. All were admitted to the hospital, where wrestler Sagar Dhankar, a resident of Bakheta village in Rohtak, died. According to police, the matter is related to a property dispute.

The miscreants arrived at the Chhatrasal Stadium in Model Town on Tuesday night with five vehicles. Not all miscreants can be identified at the moment. The police are questioning the arrested Prince Dalal. According to the Delhi Police involved in the investigation, he was informed of a quarrel and firing at the stadium. When the police team reached the spot, five vehicles including two SUVs were found standing there. Two double-barreled guns, seven cartridges, and two poles were also found in these vehicles by the police. According to a high police official, there was a fight between wrestlers Sushil Kumar, Ajay, Prince, Sonu, Sagar, Amit, and others at the Chhatrasal Stadium on Tuesday night.

Police say that they had a dispute over a property, about which Sagar was called to the stadium to talk about it. During this time, there was an argument between the two groups and after that, the fighting started. As the matter progressed, the miscreants who came with Sushil first beaten Sagar and then shot him to death. Some wrestlers have also been injured in this.

Olympian Sushil Kumar’s difficulty may increase

It is being told that the name of the wrestler Sushil Kumar has also come in the FIR registered in this case. In such a situation, the difficulties of this wrestler can increase.

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