Detel Easy Plus Scooter: The world’s most cheapest electric scooter is going to be launched, know the special features


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Detel Easy Plus Scooter: Between the rising prices of petrol and diesel in the country, Detel has offered to provide e-scooters at affordable prices to the people.

Regarding this e-scooter, the company has claimed that it will be the cheapest e-scooter in the world.

Detel is going to launch its new e-scooter Detel Easy Plus by the end of April.

This e-scooter will prove to be the cheapest scooter in the world as well as a very economical scooter for the roads of India.

Special features of Detel Easy Plus

In India, the Detel Easy Plus scooter is being manufactured as part of the Detel company’s ‘Detal Decarbonize India’ initiative.

The company says that this scooter will cover a distance of about 60 km on a single charge.

This scooter will have a 20 Ah battery, which will be fully charged in seven to eight hours.

This e-scooter will be launched in yellow, red, and royal blue colors.

Campaign to save the environment

Detel had earlier launched an e-scooter named Detel Easy in the past seven. The price of which was kept at Rs 20,000 only.

Detel is contributing to the initiative to save the environment by providing electric scooters at low prices.

Detel Foundation founder Geetika Bhatia has said in her statement that we are contributing to the campaign to save the environment with the sale of our electric vehicles.

The Detel Foundation will provide certificates to customers purchasing electric scooters as well as an appreciation token.

The certificate given to the customer will also have the tag of the GPS location of the tree planted in his name, which will help in taking the customer to the location of the tree.

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