Farmers movement would not defeat the old wounds of Haryana, now Rakesh Tikait is under arrest


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Farmers movement:  In central Haryana, where a large and influential section is fiercely opposed to the three agrarian reform laws, Rakesh Tikait remains the super leader for the time being. But till when. Looking at the direction in which the movement is going, it can be said that for a few days, Rakesh Tikait will remain a hero in central Haryana. And after that, there is also a strong apprehension of becoming a villain. This apprehension is not unfounded either. Therefore, now the whole responsibility is on Rakesh Tikait to take the movement in the right direction and save it from becoming violent.

Jat Reservation Movement:
Five years ago Yashpal Malik of western Uttar Pradesh became the face of the Jat reservation movement in central Haryana. People were mad after him. Malik had an effective role in making the movement violent. The movement met with violence and Malik went to Uttar Pradesh. Today he is in the background but is considered a villain in Haryana, which hurt the brotherhood of Haryana. Now the anti-agricultural reform law movement is also moving towards violence. Rakesh Tikait, who shone as the star of the agitators after the violence in Delhi on January 26, found central Haryana to be the most fertile.

Like Yashpalmalik, he also made an entry here. This did not go down well with Chadhuni, the only face of the movement in Haryana. However, he too cannot shrug off the allegations of inciting the agitators to violence. When an attempt was made to mount a tractor on the SDM in Kurukshetra, the leadership was doing it. Chaduni had proudly taken responsibility for the violence that took place in Karnal before the arrival of Chief Minister Manohar Lal. Since then, the agitators started gheraoing, beating up the ruling BJP-JJP leaders in central Haryana.

Attack on Jat community: Recently, when Chief Minister Manohar Lal came to inaugurate the Kovid Hospital in Hisar, there was fierce violence. Then both Chadhuni and Tikait arrived. Then international wrestler Babita Phogat and Fatehabad MLA Devendra Babli were attacked. Both belong to the Jat community. An FIR was registered against the attackers on Babli. Those who supported the agitators in the protest held a panchayat. Chadhuni also arrived. He compromised with the administration and gave time till June 6. But the people present in the panchayat did not listen to them, they reached gherao Babli’s residence. After this, Chadhuni made a statement that those who are going to attack Babli are not the people of United Kisan Morcha. After this, criticism of Chadhuni’s statement started. Bn

The fate of this movement was also similar to that of the Jat reservation movement,

Rakesh Tikait also told the attackers the next day that they were affiliated with the United Kisan Morcha. It is clear that the one who supports the movement going towards violent activities will be considered as the leader. Rakesh Tikait probably understands this. That is why they refrain from making statements against the violence of the agitators. Anyway, there are differences between him and Chadhuni. But if the fate of this movement is also like the Jat reservation movement, then Rakesh Tikait’s fate will also be like Yashpal Malik. It may be that Rakesh Tikait may be on high for some days, but according to Munawwar Rana, in whose part does the high rise stay for a long time, a very tall building is in danger all the time. . . . .

Tikait should take care of this. If the movement turns violent, the movement will suffer, Haryana will suffer the most, which is divided into a Jat-non-Jat gap, this gap will become deeper and wider, which will be difficult to bridge. The wounds of the Jat reservation movement have not yet healed. Tikait will return to Uttar Pradesh like Yashpal Malik, but the wounds he will inflict on Haryana will not heal for the next several years.

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