Firecrackers Bans: Supreme Court angry over use of toxic chemicals in firecrackers


Supreme Court on Firecrackers

Firecrackers Bans: The Supreme Court has taken a strong stand on the issue of pollution caused by firecrackers. The supreme court on Wednesday said that the CBI report on the use of toxic chemicals in the manufacture of firecrackers is very serious. We can’t leave people to die on their plight in this way. The Supreme Court made it clear that prima facie the use of dangerous elements like barium is fatal. Court orders have also been ignored in the case of labeling of firecrackers.

A bench of Justices MR Shah and AS Bopanna said that the CBI, the central investigating agency, found harmful chemicals like barium salt in the seized firecrackers. Manufacturers like Hindustan Fireworks and Standard Fireworks bought a large quantity of barium and used it in firecrackers. The Supreme Court said that every day there is a celebration in the country but other aspects of it have to be looked into. People cannot be left to die like this.

The supreme court said, according to the CBI report, samples of firecrackers and raw materials were taken from the construction factories. These samples were sent for chemical analysis. Barium and Barium salts have been found in most of the firecrackers. Despite the ban imposed on barium and barium salt in 2019, a large quantity of these chemicals was procured by the companies.

The Supreme Court also directed that a copy of the CBI’s preliminary inquiry report be made available to all concerned lawyers by Thursday. The next hearing in the case will be held on October 6. At the same time, the Supreme Court gave another chance to the manufacturers to put their case in connection with the report of the Central Investigating Agency CBI and the Joint Director of Chennai.


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