Toukte: Nearly one lakh people evacuated from coastal areas of Gujarat


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Toukte: The state administration has evacuated about one lakh people from the coastal areas after the cyclone in Gujarat is expected to reach the region on Tuesday morning. Toukte is currently about 350 km from the state. There is a possibility of hitting Porbandar between 8 and 10 pm. The Gujarat administration has claimed to be fully prepared to deal with the situation.

Additional Chief Secretary (ACS) of Revenue Department, Pankaj Kumar said that 655 low and 95,485 people from coastal areas have been evacuated to safer places.

Pankaj Kumar said, “240 teams of the forest department have been deployed to deal with the possibility of the cyclone and its impact, as well as 242 teams from the road and buildings (R&B) department.”

Kumar said, “To revive the damaged power lines, 661 teams of power companies have been deployed. In addition, 388 health department teams and 319 revenue officers teams have also been deployed to deal with the potential crisis. ”

“A total of 41 National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have been deployed in the state and three teams have been kept in reserve. Apart from this, 10 teams of the State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) have also been deployed. ”

Kumar Said “In view of the current corona outbreak crisis, 1,383 power backups have been made. Out of 161 ICU ambulances and 108-ambulances, 576 are in service. ”

The state government has built 35 green corridors to meet oxygen needs and for easy transport of oxygen. The facility of 456 dewatering pumps has been provided for the drainage of excess water.

As a precaution, 2,126 hoardings have been removed from urban areas in coastal areas and 643 hoardings from rural areas.

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