Haryana’s biggest village in crisis: 55 deaths in 15 days in Sisai, eight pyre burnt in one day


Sisai Haryana Biggest Village

Haryana’s biggest village Sisai in crisis: There have been around 55 deaths in Haryana’s largest village Sisai from May 1 to 12. Surprisingly, among those who died were 81 years old and 28 years old. Of these, about 8 people are reported to have died from Corona. The pyre of eight people has burnt in the village in a day.

Someone is telling the deaths in the village as the cause of viral death, then someone is telling it as corona without a test, but there is no confirmation of this. It is also being told in the village that more than 60 percent of people are still suffering from fever. Most of these people are undergoing treatment in private hospitals or at home.

Ajit Singh, former Sarpanch Sisai

Villagers are constantly motivated to use masks and follow physical distances. In village meetings and chappals, collectives are being made aware of not drinking hookah and playing cards, so that the corona infection does not spread. Now the villagers are becoming aware. Munadi is also being done to get samples done in the village. The entire village is being sanitized.

Test Yourself (Dr. Sandeep Yadav, Medical Officer Sisai)

A large number of fever patients are coming to the village. Due to which samples are being taken in the village for corona investigation. If anyone has a fever, it should be sampled at the same time, so that if the patient has a corona, he can be treated on time.

Sisai is the largest village in the state and has also got municipal status. There is a primary health center here. But there is a lack of facilities and staff. In CHC Sisai, there has been a lot of demand from the village to build a Covid Center, but the administration is not paying any attention to it. Patients are not getting even medicines in CHC, due to which the villagers are being forced to get treatment from the huts and in private hospitals.

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