High court’s strict note: Corona patients cannot be left in hospitals for oxygen attacks


high court

High courts: The Punjab-Haryana High Court has taken strong note of the increasing number of people dying due to lack of oxygen. The court said that people are in shock and in such a situation they cannot be left in the hospitals to attack for oxygen. Governments need to be very sensitive in this matter so that the precious lives of people can be saved.

The court said that some people are serving their lives by putting their lives at stake, while some are scavenging others even in this crisis. Punjab, Haryana, and Chandigarh have an open leeway to applaud those who are engaged in the service of patients but to deal vigorously against those who offend others.

During the hearing in the High Court, the issue of not supplying the right amount of oxygen and at the right time was raised. Haryana, Punjab, and Chandigarh raised the issue of the timely supply of oxygen and the allotted quantity of oxygen to the Central Government. On this, the Additional Solicitor General Satyapal Jain, on behalf of the Central Government, said that the Central Government is not acting half-heartedly with anyone.

Oxygen is being provided to all the states with an equal view. There are also some states where oxygen is not produced. The supply of those states is also the responsibility of the central government. The central government said that no one is being given oxygen beyond his or her turn.

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