Kisan Andolan: agitating farmers are causing the expansion of corona infection in the village


Kisan Andolan

Kisan Andolan: There are about 60 lakh families living in Haryana. Of these, 40 lakh families live in villages. When the impact of the pandemic came to light last year, a lot of people who settled in the cities had taken advantage of the pure climate by going to the villages of the people of their identity. All such people who had settled in the cities due to any employment, job or occupation, had also returned to their villages. The thinking was that the effect of the corona is more in the cities and the villages are left with it. Therefore, there will be good food, there will be pure air and water, and all kinds of pollution and diseases will also be avoided.

But this time the pandemic has caused exactly the opposite. Corona has the most impact anywhere, it is in the villages. Families of the family are sick. People are not getting proper treatment. The government wants to give them treatment, but they do not want to take it. There are also some people, who are reluctant to conduct testing. There is a fear that the corona may not be included in the report. Bless the government, which has taken seriously the impact of the corona spreading in the villages.

Approximately eight thousand teams have been formed and each has been entrusted with the responsibility of knocking on the doorstep of 500-500 families. All kinds of tests, medicines, and proper treatment are being arranged along with monitoring of the affected people.

In such a situation, a question definitely arises that what is the major reason for this corona spread in the villages. Political people are calling it the government’s negligence. Affected villagers are not ready to accept the truth of Corona’s general fever and typhoid. The survey of the government says that the long-running dharna on Tikri and Singhu border has become a major reason for the outbreak of this pandemic in the surrounding states including Haryana-Punjab-Delhi.

Tikri and Singhu Border are areas where people from Punjab have been reaching from different districts of Haryana for dharna here. People of at least one dozen districts of Haryana have also been in constant movement at these picketing sites. These include Rohtak, Bhiwani, Karnal, Hisar, Jhajjar, Panipat, Jind, Gurugram, Faridabad, and Rewari districts.

The surprising truth is that the most corona-afflicted people are found in the rural areas of these districts. Active participation in the movement of the people of Sisai village of Hisar and areas adjacent to the Mayar toll plaza is not hidden from anyone. The state government has repeatedly urged these agitators that their health is first, the movement can be done later also, but ignoring every appeal of the government, they not only refrained from testing the rural corona but themselves We are not going to let any opportunity of being pushed into the mouth of death.

If the state government did not stick to the stubbornness and did not start treating the victims by sending the teams of the Health Department to the villages, then there could have been a terrible situation in the state. The insistence of the villagers has brought the entire region to the cusp of death. For this, the people of Haryana and Punjab also have more accountability than the leaders of the farmer’s organizations responsible for this.

All the agitators from Punjab reach Tikri and Singhu border, they go there through Haryana. He also has relatives in Haryana. According to a recent report received by the government in this regard, the infection is more in those areas along the GT road belt in Hisar, Jhajjar, and Rohtak districts, from where the agitating farmers of Punjab are reaching Tikri and Singhu Border. Most of the people gathered in roadside tents at various places and those who are protesting at tolls have not done the corona test.

Recently, the woman of Bengal with whom some people have been raped by some people at the picket site has also died due to Corona positive and lack of proper treatment. If the girl had received treatment in time or the people sitting at the dharna site did not use her as a weapon of their movement, then life could have been saved today.

Where was the government at that time when they doing political rallies? Now the government is seeing farmers spreading corona. Now the government is hiding its fault. The source of this news is Jagran, we do not make any such claims, please read the news from our website.

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