Procurement of wheat: Purchase of gate lockers in the mandis, videography was done, jobbing and farmers said – still have many tons of wheat


grain mandis

Pending wheat was procured in the mandis of the state on the third day as well, but only a few heaps were purchased by agencies. Grain mandis of the state were closed and purchased. No vehicle was allowed to enter or exit the market until the procurement work was done in the mandi.

Naib Tehsildar Prateek was appointed as Duty Magistrate for procurement of wheat in Julana Mandi. The purchase was done with videography. About 8 thousand quintal of wheat was procured in Mandi on Saturday, but still, there is a lot of wheat in the market without purchase, due to which the farmers are angry. On the other hand, the gate passes at the Shamlo Kalan Purchase Center were not cut, and neither could the purchase be made.

There are about 6000 bags awaiting purchase at the purchase center. There is resentment among the farmers for administration. In the grain market of Julana, 30 thousand and Shamlo Kalan procurement centers were waiting for the purchase of 6 thousand bags, but the procurement agencies stopped the purchase. Naib Tehsildar of Julana was appointed as Duty Magistrate for procurement of wheat by the administration. The farmers have warned of an agitation if they do not buy wheat further. On the other hand, the officials said that the government had bought the wheat of those who were registered.

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