Independence Day 2021: Why Independence Day is celebrated on August 15, Check History and Importance


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Independence Day 2021: Independence Day is celebrated in India on 15th August every year. It is a moment of pride for all the countrymen that people celebrate infused with patriotism. Independence Day is declared as a national holiday in the country. In this atmosphere of enthusiasm and celebration, the Prime Minister unfurls the tricolor at the Red Fort in Delhi. But it is also very important to know why Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August itself.

The year 1947 gave independence to the country on the 15th of August. Many freedom fighters sacrificed their blood in the liberation that came after nearly 200 years of British oppression. In such a situation, this day is very important for every Indian. People remember the wonderful sacrifices and sacrifices made by the fighters on Independence Day.

The freedom from British slavery was no less than a challenge for India, but the country became independent with the tireless efforts and determination of the Indians. Full legislative powers were conferred on the Legislative Assembly of India on 15th August 1947. The freedom fighters left the country for new generations without taking care of themselves and their families.

The British rulers did not want to be liberated on this day

The British are said to have sent Lord Mountbatten to India as viceroy. He had received an order from the British Parliament to announce the transfer of power to India on June 30, 1948. However, India’s last Governor-General C Rajagopal later pressured Mountbatten to declare India’s independence on August 15, 1947.

How Independence Day is celebrated

On the anniversary of independence, people bow down to the brave sacrifices and remember their sacrifices. The Prime Minister unfurls the tricolor and also addresses the country. Kite flying is also prevalent in many places on this day. On the other hand, people also celebrate freedom by eating jalebis.

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