India-China Tension: India shocked by roar of Chinese and Pak Air Force fighter jets along The Indian border with Tibet, smiled IAF


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India-China tension, Pakistan and China fighter jets are conducting a joint war amid Indo-China tensions. This is an alarm bell for India. The Indian Army is shocked to see the Chinese and Pakistani army’s activism in the area.

Pakistan and China are conducting a joint war between Pakistan and China amid Indo-China tensions. This is an alarm bell for India. The Indian Army is shocked to see the Chinese and Pakistani army’s activism in the area. Indian Air Force fighter jets are monitoring the border round the clock. After all, why did Pakistan and China choose Tibet’s territory for military exercises in Tibet? What are the political and strategic implications?

Implications of Pak-China Military Exercise on Indian Border adjoining Tibet

The armies of Pakistan and China are conducting joint exercises in Ladakh, adjacent to Tibet. The presence of Pakistani fighter jets in Tibet is considered very special. India is keeping a close eye on this exercise of China-Pakistan. Apart from China’s Air Force, many fighter aircraft of Pakistan’s Air Force are participating in this military exercise. India’s trouble has increased due to the activation of two enemies in Tibet, adjacent to the Ladakh border. Due to this military exercise, the Indian Army and Air Force have immediately increased vigil on the border with China. At this time special precautions are being taken in the areas adjacent to the border of Ladakh. Radars, fighter aircraft and AWACS are monitoring the border round the clock. In this exercise, fighter aircraft of China and Pakistan are practicing air-to-air, air-to-ground, and air-to-water missiles and destroying targets. According to international rules, no country during an exercise with another country can fly over an area that is in dispute.

During this exercise, from many areas of Tibet which are disputed between India and China, Pakistan is still exercising from there. Its fighter planes are flying at a distance from the Indian airspace. Pakistan knows that a war with India without China’s cooperation is necessary. Pakistan cannot compete with India without the help of China. On the other hand, China also knows that without Pakistan it cannot suppress India much. Therefore, Dragon also sees the opportunity and invites his friend to the disputed area for preparations against India. Earlier in 2019 also the air forces of Pakistan and China have conducted maneuvers in this area.

Then Pakistan’s J-17 and China’s J-10 fighter jets took part. China has a well-thought-out strategy behind this exercise. Tibet is considered very important strategically. China has been laying claim to Tibet. The area of ​​Tibet is adjacent to the eastern Ladakh of India. For the last year, this entire region has remained the center of a dispute between India and China. This is the reason why Pakistan and China have chosen this area for the exercise to provoke India. The trick of Pakistan is that by showing its presence in the east of Kashmir, it is trying to strengthen itself and project China as its friend.

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