India vs China: Today’s India-China military dialogue will be very important, will decide whether the forces will stand or call back?


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India vs China: The temperature in the entire Ladakh sector has gone below zero. Light icy winds have started moving along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) of East Ladakh which will intensify by the end of this month. In such a situation, the Indian and Chinese forces deployed on the LAC will return or stay there, a lot of this can be decided in the corp commander level talks to be held this week.

India vs China will hold the eighth round of Corp Commander level talks

This will be the eighth round of Carp Commander level talks between the two countries, and the main thing in this will be that the forces on both sides start to go together before May 2020.

Progress of the sixth and seventh round of talks will be reviewed

Experts are assuming that the progress of the proposals that were discussed in the sixth and seventh round of talks will be reviewed. According to sources, if everything goes well, the next military-level talks can be held on Monday (19 October).

The decision to issue a joint statement is a positive change

China’s meetings have changed since August 2020, when Indian military forces occupied some important highs strategically in the Chushul region. Also noteworthy is the fact that it was then decided to issue a joint statement on behalf of both sides at the two-time Corp Commander level talks. Indian parties see this as a positive change. In a joint statement issued after the Chushul meeting on October 12, the talks were described as a positive and better understanding of each other’s situation.

There was a discussion on the withdrawal of soldiers in the meeting of the China Study Group

High-level China Study Group constituted by the government has also met at key points of the Tushul talks. It is believed that the latest proposal made by China on the withdrawal of troops has been discussed in detail.

The situation on LAC should be restored before May 2020 in India vs China

However, India is still firm on its stand that the situation on the LAC should be fully restored to the pre-May, 2020, and military withdrawal from both sides. If China wants India to withdraw troops from strategically important areas, then India has a direct argument that China will also have to move its forces from the area around Pangong Lake to the situation before the tension begins. Despite some progress on the issue of the military withdrawal, the ground level surveillance by the Indian Army has already been attentive.

Despite the winter, there will be no problem in providing logistics for the Indian Army.

According to sources in India vs China despite the winter, there will be no problem in delivering logistics or other essentials for the Indian Army. The Indian Army also has experience in delivering logistics to soldiers who stand in difficult conditions.

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